What is the Rambler?

The Rambler is a place for posting random or rambling thoughts, sayings, words of wisdom, famous and not so famous quotes, wishes, confessions, secrets, my next tattoo or messenger status.

The Rambler is more of a personal scrapbook than a posting wall, a place to keep tiny bits of ingenuity in a single place away from the prying eyes of the Big Tech.

It is free of charge to use for now and the foreseeable future. At some point the ability to print Ramblings om t-shirts, stickers, mugs and so on might appear as an option.

What it is not?

It is NOT a place to post ads, spam, anything that could be considered inappropriate including but not limited to derogatory comments about race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs.

We reserve the right to make private, delete any rambling that we feel doesn't fit with the ethos of the Rambler. The creator of said rambling will be contacted and asked to refrain from posting similar content in the future, if said behaviour persists the user will be deleted and blacklisted.

If you feel you are suffering from any mental condition please consult a specialist.

The only data stored relating to the user deemed as PII is the first name and email address

Do NOT post sensitive information like passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers. use a password manager instead

Create a new Rambling

In order to create a new Rambling one must register by using a google account, more options to come.

All Ramblings are created private by default and if the creator wants they can be made public for everyone to see including non-logged in users.


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The creator of this app doesn't assume any responsibility for any damage or loss caused after using this app. Use at your own risk and remember to have fun!